A quick “tip” for DIY pressure washing

If you are into DIY pressure washing, read this first!

Might spare you permanent damage to your property!

Here is some good info on do it yourself pressure washing, click here!

When using the “red tip” 0 degree nozzle on your homeowners grade pressure washer, it can inflict some damage, to virtually any material or surface.  From using the concentrated 0 degree spread of the tip you can go from saving a few bucks to potentially causing thousands   in damages.

It is always best practice to use the “white tip” or 45 degree. Some store bought models will vary. When using the wand, stand back at a safe distance and slowly get closer to the substrate you are cleaning.

Remember, high pressure is not always the answer, here at Patriot Pro Clean we use the lowest pressure possible to lower the risk of damage.

Happy PW’ing!

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