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Damaging organic growth and black algae streaks slowly taking over your roof in Manassas VA?

We can help!

With our LOW pressure detergent application, your asphalt shingle roof is cleaned, free of organic growth and it’s all done safely!

If it’s gleocapsa-magma, moss, or lichen colonies our soft washing method is the ONLY method approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association)

[framed_box bgColor=”#DCE1FF” textColor=”#000104″ rounded=”true”]SO, why is this mold bad for my roof? Organic growth on asphalt shingles slowly eats away the crushed limestone in the shingle, sometimes will even eat all the way through the shingle. Then causing premature replacement of the roof. [/framed_box]

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Roof Cleaning Bristow VA

Patriot Pro Clean provides safe, low pressure roof cleaning to Gainesville and Bristow.


Now with a 3-year warranty!


One of the greatest exterior enhancements you can do to your home is give it a safe washing. Both the siding and the shingles. It is no question algae, roof streaks / black streaks and other organic growth love the surfaces of your home. In extreme cases can be damaging to your home and health!

Our #1 goal is to provide excellent professional service. We specialize in the pressure washing industry, its what we do day in and day out, full time. We have the ability to effectively, safely clean the exterior of your home with NO damage.  Click here for some more details.



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Roof Cleaning Fact: Did you know that the black streaking found your roof is an airborne algae called “Gleocapsa Magma” that feeds on the granule in the shingle?? This dirty looking streak is the first to appear before moss and lichen sets in.


Roof Cleaning Centreville VA

Roof Cleaning Centreville VA

Does your Centreville home need a good roof cleaning? You have come to the right place. At Patriot Pro Clean we provide low pressure roof cleaning that can transform your old shingle roof into a clean, streak free roof. We even include a  3 year streak free warranty at no additional cost. The home pictured above in Centreville was cleaned by us and the after picture was about 2 weeks later. Getting a quote is easy; just click here, fill out the contact form to the right or give us a call!



roof cleaning centreville va
Roof Treatment

The Low Pressure Process

We use strict low pressure applying detergents, it is important because the shingle is a delicate surface. Great harm can be done by using a pressure washers or other type of high powered cleaning devices on the roof. The detergents we use are safe and biodegradable, yet very effective at cleaning. Our process specifically is recommended and approved by big name shingle manufacturers.


How it Works:

Using a low pressure application pumps, we apply a mix of our soaps at varying percentages depending on the level of soiling on the roof. As soon as it is applied our cleaning solution attacks and penetrates at the root to kill the fungus. Sometimes results are immediate, other times it can take up to a few weeks for full results.

What is The Streaking From?

roof cleaning centreville va
Gleocapsa-Magma is the black algae that streaks and discolors roofs. Moss and Lichen colonies can also develop on the shingle surface.

There are a lot of common misconceptions of what that black streaking really is. It is actually just algae! There are three main types of organic growth that roofs tend to grow (Gleocapsa Magma, Moss and Lichen). Most shingles contain some key ingredients that allow the growth to feed on the shingle. While in most cases this is just a cosmetic problem, if allowed to get heavy enough the algae can cause serious deterioration to the surface.



Roof Cleaning Centreville VA


Insurance companies and dirty roofs | Northern Virginia

Could your homeowners insurance company cancel your policy due to a dirty roof?

Yes. Developing over the last year companies have been canceling some policy’s due to dirty roofs obstructing the shingle to work properly and creating access wear on the material. Watch the video to see more. Click Here too read more information about our Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Servicing Prince William, Loudoun and Fairfax County VA.

Roof Stain Cleaning | Northern Virginia

Before and after of a low pressure roof clean

Roof Cleaning done the right way!

Black algae streaks taking over your roof in NOVA? Patriot Pro Clean uses a safe, very low pressure cleaning method for asphalt shingle roofs. In fact, it is the only method approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA).

Our techniques allow us to clean the roof effectively, while using fungicides to kill the algae/organic growth. Instead of what some other companies do by pressure washing the shingle, just blasting the mold away and not actually killing the growth. Additionally, when an asphalt shingle roof is cleaned the wrong way, it is stripping granules off the surface. Causing premature replacement.

If your roof is structurally sound and is just dirty, instead of spending thousands of having it replaced, just spend a few hundred to have it cleaned. Besides, most roofs look new when cleaned!


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Things to know about Gleocapsa-Magma

There’s a lot of talk about the common roof stains or roof streaks that appear all over Northern Virginia and across the southeast.

That would be Gleocapsa-Magma, it is an airborn algae stemming from cyanobacteria. It is the cause of the staining you see on many roofs along the region. Mix with humidity, lack of sun (more shade) and a food source, you will have a perfect petri dish for the organic growth of Gleocapsa-Magma (AKA a asphalt shingle roof)

Where to expect the airborn algae to grow?

  • In climates that get warm and humid
  • On north facing sides of roof
  • On parts that are blocked by shade
  • Also where there is excess moisture or where some downspouts dump onto the shingles.

What’s the “food source?”

Since all living organisms need some sort of food, the algae does too. Asphalt shingles are constructed of parts of limestone,  this is what the growth feeds on, eventually eating through the shingle.

Moss and lichen have similar characteristics.

For information on roof cleaning, click here

Roof Streak Removal And Roof Stains – Low Pressure Cleaning

Got those nasty black streaks slowly taking over your roof?

You do NOT need a new roof because of it! If your asphalt shingle roof is still structurally sound, it can be cleaned safely and properly. It’s the EASIEST way to make your roof look new, without actually buying a new roof!

SO, what is it?

The black roof streaks that are attacking many homes in the Northern Virginia is “Gleocapsa-Magma” . It’s a airborne algae that feeds on the limestone in the asphalt shingle. Many shingles have a protective coating to prevent algae when manufactured, but that coating wears off in 3-7 years.

What does it do?

Gleocapsa-Magma, like other types of organic growth you may have on your roof, feeds on whatever it’s on. Overtime, if not addressed, the algae can eat through the shingle causing premature wear. That’s when the shingles will need to be replaced.

How is it cleaned?

Asphalt shingles are fragile, due to their composition of fine granules, so they require a gentle cleaning. Pressure washing is not gentle on shingles. What we do at Patriot Pro Clean is a very low pressure chemical based cleaning.

Two major advantages of low-pressure roof cleaning

  • Low pressure is used to avoid the premature wear of blowing off granules 
  • Since the cleaning is chemical based, all organic growth on the surface is eliminated. With pressure washing, traces of the organic growth is still alive and well on the shingle.

(Not to mention, our cleaning method is the ONLY method approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association – ARMA.)

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We service Northern Virginia, Including Prince William, Manassas, Gainesville, Bristow, Loudoun, Fairfax, Fauquier

*Note: In some cases, it is a great time to have your gutters cleaned out as well, allowing proper flow into downspouts.*