Deck Pressure Wash and Staining

Another Deck Professionally Restored by Patriot Pro Clean

Wood deck and fences can be a big investment. That investment does unfortunately require periodic maintenance to withstand the elements over years to come. We can take an old, weathered deck and clean it to remove surface contaminates like mold, dirt, algae etc. Our multi-step process correctly preps the surface for proper staining.  The stain that is used is very important. In the past 10-15 years many “stains” have been introduced out in the market that cause more harm than good in the long term. They crack and peel after 1 or two years and then when it comes time to remove them to reapply, it can be very difficult. Patriot Pro Clean only uses penetrating oil deck stains.

Our professional restoration service is not just a simple “blast the wood with 4000psi”. We use a combination of fairly low pressure, the right neutralizing detergents and proper wood cleaning technique. On a normal sized deck it can take several hours to clean depending on numerous factors. Once it is done, the wood needs to dry for a minimum of two days prior to staining. When the moisture level is an acceptable level, the finishing touch can be applied. The preparation is a major part of the end result.

The oil deck stains that we use are the best for the health of the wood. They replenish the natural moisture in the wood, plus they don’t crack or peel. When it comes time to re-stain, the process is straightforward as maintenance with an oil stain is simple. It is easier to strip and most of the time re applying stain doesn’t use up as much material. Patriot Pro Clean gives a discount to repeat customers for deck maintenance.

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