Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, all major credit card accepted. Credit card payment can be made through the electronic invoice emailed to you, or you can call it in. Checks always work, too.

Are the detergents safe?

They are safe on all surfaces! We use light concentrations and we take very great care around plants, flowers while wetting all foliage before, during and after.

What is Soft Washing?

We utilize low-pressure to clean houses (soft wash methods), with the right cleaners to get great results without damage or forcing water where it shouldn’t be. Before service, please check to make sure all windows are shut and locked. If you have any per-existing leaks, let us know.

Will cleaning the roof damage it?

With a pressure washer, yes. We do not perform any roof cleaning with a pressure washer. Our no-pressure detergent based application is used to effectively clean and kill growth on the roof, restoring the new-look. Note, roof cleaning is generally not an instant clean. Moss and lichen usually take several weeks to disappear (If applicable, many roofs do not have these types of growth)

Do you have a warranty?

We guarantee all work performed. Our roof cleaning is covered with a 3 year warranty on the sections we treated.. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal! If you like the service we have performed, tell everyone…if not, please tell us so we can fix it.

Do I have to be home while you wash our home?

No. We understand you’re busy too. Just make sure that an outside water spigot is on, all windows are closed and fragile decoration, wind chimes etc are secured. A check can be left at the residence or we can gladly take pre-payment online.