House Washing Northern VA

House Washing Northern Virginia

Take care of your most valuable investment! – House Washing Northern VA

We at Patriot Pro Clean uses LOW pressure, detergent based methods for the safest, most thorough house wash Northern VA! A type of clean you won’t get by blasting high pressure at, for example, vinyl siding. Not to mention by doing that you are forcing water underneath the siding and likely causing mold and mildew to grow where you can’t see it.

Another huge benefit to our cleaning is that it stays clean longer. Our detergents actually kill the mold spores on the surface so they take longer to return. Just using water will not completely remove these spores.


So, how much pressure? House Washing Northern VA

Less than you think! We use around 300psi give or take. Most of your homeowner grade units are around 2 gallons per minute, 2500-3500 PSI and greater. We use exactly the opposite, high gallons per minute, low pressure. Giving your home the safest,  most thorough washing!

The benefits to “soft washing

  • Gentle on the surface being cleaned
  • Does not mar the surface
  • Does not strip paint
  • Doesn’t force water behind seals
  • Actually kills organic growth
  • Does not make oxidized surfaces look worse
  • and more!

We use the same technique for vinyl, aluminum siding, dryvit, stucco and some brick.

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