Not just “pressure washing”

Not just pressure washing…

So how much high pressure does Patriot Pro Clean really use?

90% of the time, not much. When you think of companies like Patriot Pro Clean Pressure Washing, you may think our main attribute is using high pressure to wash your home, clean your roof etc. However we utilize a new industry method of “Soft Washing”. Focusing on the use of better cleaner while applying less pressure and getting better results. This way of washing is extremely effective and safe on the surface. Some surfaces such as Vinyl siding and Dryvit (artificial stucco) are very sensitive to high pressure. Spraying the surface too close or use of the wrong tip can lead to some nasty marks and damage! One other benefit to soft washing is that we can reach to the peaks on 3 story building…without a ladder! Which is cost effective to the customer.

What do we “soft wash”?

We soft wash a variety of different surfaces, mainly residential houses and asphalt single roofs. In fact, we do not use a pressure washer AT ALL on shingle roofs. Very expensive damage can occur and it can also be dangerous. Our method benefits roofs in two ways 1. Does not force water under the shingle, does not strip off rock granules 2. Kills whatever algae or organism feeding on the limestone in the shingle. Vinyl siding shares similar benefits as to killing the mold and avoid forcing water behind the siding causing larger problems.

So call us today, to have the piece of mind that your property will be safe and taken care of. Protect and preserve your largest investment!




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