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Welcome to the NEW Patriot Pro Clean Blog! Not only letting you know what is going on with Patriot Pro Clean but what is going on in the pressure washing world and educating you (the customer) at the same time.

Whether you hire us to perform power washing services in Northern VA or you decide to do it yourself, we would like to help you either way.

Here is a good resource to follow steps in DIY

For example, we will go over a simple process in washing your own home. If you have organic algae, bugs, webs dirt on your home this method will work just fine. You will need some safety gear like safety goggles, respirator and gloves. You will also need a pressure washer, ladder, some household bleach, original Dawn dish detergent, bucket, brush and a full day.

First, mix the household bleach with water about 4 parts water 1 parts bleach. Add about 1 ounce of Dawn per gallon of mix. Take a brush and apply the mix to the house. Be careful with brushing the siding if the surface is sun damaged or oxidized. Once applied, let the mixture dwell for about 10-15 minutes. Be sure to cover any delicate plants and rinse them with clean water before, during and after. About 5 minutes in, you should start seeing the organic mold turning yellow or brown. This means the algae is dead and is almost ready for a rinse.

Once your mixture has finished dwelling, it is now time to rinse. NEVER use the red tip that comes with your pressure washer. Instead, use the white 45 degree tip. Stand back at a safe distance and rinse with low pressure. High pressure is not needed and you risk damaging the siding. Use with extreme caution.