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Low pressure roof cleaning in Bealeton before and after



Do you have ugly black streaks taking over your roof in Bealeton? If so, your shingles can be cleaned safely and effectively. Just because it looks dirty, it does not mean that it needs replacing. Asphalt roofing has a lifespan of 25-30 years, most shingles start showing signs of roof algae by the time it is seven to eight years old. After our low pressure roof cleaning, it will look as good as they day it was installed!

Roof Algae Streak Removal Bealeton – Common Questions

Q: What is on my roof?

A: Organic Matter/Algae. No, the streaking is not jet fuel or tree sap, those are myths. “Gleocapsa Magma” is the technical name for the black algae streaking you may see. It is very common and most asphalt shingle roofs will harbor it eventually. Most commonly it will first appear on the north side of your roof because that is the side of the house that always get less sun and more shade. Sometimes, depending on the geographical location your whole roof could have it. Many homes that are on heavily wooded lots are sometimes completely taken over by the algae.

Q: Is the cleaning safe for the shingle?

A: Of course! The only way a roof should be cleaned is with low or “no” pressure. We use a 100% detergent low pressure application to eliminate the algae spores. In fact, our method is approved by ARMA.


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