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We provide professional low pressure detergent roof cleaning Haymarket VA and surrounding areas. These algae stains are unsightly but with the proper cleaning can be effectively removed!

The Problem:

If you have roof algae, you are not alone. Almost all homes with asphalt composite shingles in the northern Virginia region will at some point grow the bacteria. However, when you hire Patriot Pro Clean the streaking and moss will be safely removed. It is important to note that these stains are not tree sap or jet fuel, it is purely organic growth.  In addition, if the home sits back in a heavily wooded lot or has trees close to the house that can also speed up and increase growth. The streaking is usually stage one, in more severe cases moss and lichen colonies will also make their self right at home. At that time what is usually a cosmetic problem could turn into shingle integrity problem.

The Solution:

A dirty roof does NOT mean it needs to be replaced! If you have 3-5 or more years left of life in the roof, it is a perfect candidate. There is low pressure cleaning and high pressure cleaning, high pressure is not recommended. It can cause great harm and literally blow of granules which takes years off of the lifespan.

At Patriot Pro Clean we only clean with low pressure and detergents. Pressure so low that it is like a soft rain. This is by far the best and safest method to clean a roof. Even the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association approves this solution. Plus, the results last longer because we actually kill the mold spores. That is important because it sanitizes the roof and the algae has to start ALL over again.

The whole process usually takes anywhere from a half hour for very tiny roofs to a whole day for larger, more complex roofs. Results are almost always the same day however if there is moss or lichen present, time will have to be allowed for the growth to die off and disappear. Moss and lichen colonies have root systems that dig and hook into the shingle hence making them difficult to remove without “forcing” it off. This can take a period of weeks to a few months depending on how much is on the roof and weather conditions.

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